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begin tour - "Allegheny Stone: Stone Arch Bridges by the Allegheny Co. Public Works Dept."
view page - Beaver Rd over Big Sewickley Creek [1827]
view page - Bellefield Bridge, Oakland
view page - PRR Brilliant Cutoff Viaduct over Silver Lake
view page - Lincoln Avenue Bridge over Washington Blvd

BRIDGE: ARCH (Reinforced Concrete)

view page - Portal Bridge - Point State Park

BRIDGE: ARCH (Reinforced Concrete) OPEN SPANDREL

view page - Heth's Run Bridge over Heth's Run
view page - Larimer Avenue Bridge over Washington Blvd
view page - George Westinghouse Memorial Bridge, East Pittsburgh


view page - Thirty-First Street Bridge
view page - Washington Crossing Bridge at 40th St


view page - Fort Duquesne Bridge ["The Bridge To Nowhere"]
view page - Fort Pitt Bridge
view page - Sixteenth Street Bridge

BRIDGE: ARCH - SPANDREL BRACED DECK (Cantilever - Wichert Truss)

view page - Homestead High Level Bridge
view page - Charles Anderson Bridge, Schenley Park


view page - Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad Bridge over Allegheny River
view page - Senator Robert D. Fleming Bridge [62nd Street Bridge]
view page - East Street Bridge [E. H. Swindell Bridge]
view page - Highland Park Bridge over Allegheny River
view page - Liberty Bridge
view page - Donald L. Lobaugh Bridge [Freeport Bridge]
view page - Pennsylvania Turnpike Bridge over Allegheny River
view page - George D. Stuart Bridge [Tarentum Bridge]

BRIDGE: BEAM (Glulam Beam -- glued laminated wooden beam)

view page - Elfinwild Rd over Pine Creek

BRIDGE: GIRDER (Flanged Steel Beam)

view page - Veteran's Bridge

BRIDGE: GIRDER (Steel Plate)

view page - Allegheny County Bridge Number 4 Turtle Creek [Mosside Bridge]

BRIDGE: SUSPENSION (Wire Cable Catenary)

view page - South Tenth Street Bridge
view page - Windgap Suspension Bridge

BRIDGE: SUSPENSION (Eyebar Catenary)

view page - Ninth Street Bridge
view page - Seventh Street Bridge
view page - Sixth Street Bridge [Roberto Clemente Bridge]


view page - Bellefield Boiler "Cloud Factory" RR trestle

BRIDGE: TRUSS - PONY (Iron - Pratt)

view page - Iron Bridge Ln over Bull Creek [1878] (Fawn)

BRIDGE: TRUSS - THROUGH (Steel - Lenticular)

view page - Smithfield Street Bridge [1881]


view page - Brilliant Branch RR Bridge over Allegheny River
view page - Fort Wayne Railroad Bridge
view page - Herr's Island Railroad Bridge
view page - Jonathon Hulton Bridge
view page - Panhandle Bridge
view page - C. L. Schmitt Bridge [Ninth St - New Kensington Bridge]

BRIDGE: TRUSS - THROUGH (Steel - Warren)

view page - Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Bridge at 33rd St

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