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photo of bridge

Vehicle entrance at Liberty Av: buildings in background (left to right) Four Gateway Center, Bell Telephone [Verizon], IBM [United Steelworkers]

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photo of bridge photo of bridge
Earlier plan for Gateway Center shows five more metal-clad cruciform towers than were constructed;
Four Gateway Center (Trizec-Hahn)
photo of bridge photo of bridge photo of bridge
Four Gateway Center lobby entrance;
Escalator leads up to lobby, parking garage entry is through green door at left;
Entry from garage to Gateway Four
photo of bridge photo of bridge photo of bridge
Entry from garage to Hilton Hotel and Gateway Center buildings north of Liberty Av;
Tunnel below Liberty Av connects Gateway Garage and Gateway Center buildings;
Intersection of tunnels: Hilton Hotel to left -- Gateway Center One, Two and Three to right -- Gateway Four and Gateway Garage behind camera

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Introduction -- Nearby Structures

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