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picture of bridge

View southeast from PA837

picture of bridge

Elevation drawing looking downstream

photo of bridge photo of bridge
View south from PA837;
Detail of truss


McKeesport-Duquesne Bridge

Duquesne - McKeesport

USGS 7.5" Topo Quad - UTM Coordinates:
McKeesport - Zone 17; 0598 4467
motor vehicles, two lanes, divided
Green Belt
sidewalk each side

-- PA148, Yellow Belt [George Lysle Blvd; Fifth Av Extension], Bowman Av on right descending bank of Monongahela River
-- PA837 [River Rd, Dravosburg-Duquesne Rd] on left descending bank of Monongahela River

-- (RDB to LDB) CSX; CSX access road; USX National Tube Works site, Monongahela River at mile 14.1; Union RR; Conrail; northbound PA837
3 Parker/Pratt through trusses; 5 Pratt though trusses

382 ft (3 spans)

TOTAL LENGTH (including longest elevated ramp):
2,252 ft

49.1 ft, vertical clearance, channel span
Lock and Dam No. 2, Braddock, normal pool level 718.7 ft

from the Duquesne Times, September 7, 1928:
McKeesport, Glassport and Clairton, were gorgeously decorated in honor of the events and in Clairton where the festivities were held in the late afternoon and evening, the affair assumed carnival aspects. An ox-roast, music, athletic events, made up a program concluding at the city park at 8 p.m., after which dancing was the order of the evening. Thousands of people spent the evening in that thriving and industrial community and it was everybody's party. The day was ideal in every respect. Duquesne this morning as it views the history of the past, the toll of human life directly attributable to the old bridge which has been discarded, feels that there has been justification for the expenditure of $24,000.00, which was the city's proportionate share in the splendid new structure. The cost of both bridges, that of Clairton-Glassport and Duquesne-McKeesport, has been approximately $3,235,000.

McKeesport-Duquesne Bridge

The county commissioners have issued the following data, relative to the bridges:

The old Riverton Bridge was built in 1891 and was freed by the county commissioners December 16, 1915.

New structure connecting the City of McKeesport and the City of Duquesne was authorized by the people of Allegheny County in the bond issue election of April 22, 1924. Construction was started by the board of county commissioners June, 1926.

The new structure is a through truss bridge, consisting of three river spans 382 feet long; three approach spans on McKeesport and totaling 653 feet; three approach spans on Duquesne totaling 425 feet, making a total length of bridge proper 2,251 feet. Clearance of bridge above pool full is 73 feet.

At McKeesport end, an involved approach to furnish suitable connection with Fifth Avenue and East Pittsburgh and McKeesport Boulevard was constructed. This approach required deep cuts and fills; raising the grade of Fifth Avenue, and the construction of a culvert for Crooked Run and a subway passage for Demmler Street.

The main structure passes over about 60 railroad tracks of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Baltimore and Ohio railroad and the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie railroad.

The Public Service Commission ordered the following allocation of costs for this structure; Pennsylvania Railroad $85,000; Baltimore and Ohio Railroad $262,000; Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad $110,200; City of McKeesport $105,800; City of Duquesne $24,000; balance of Allegheny County.

Roadway is 38 feet between curbs. Two railway tracks have been placed on the bridge. Two 11-foot sidewalks provided for pedestrians.

The principal contractors on the work were Vang Construction company, masonry and approaches; American Bridge company, super-structure; F. W. Scott company, paving; Delmer Electric company, lighting; and W. W. Lawrence company, paint.

The War Department requires the county to remove the old Riverton Bridge, the estimated cost of which is $40,000.


USACE Monongahela River Nav. Charts; Duquesne Times, September 7, 1928

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