US Highway Old Style shareware font

I've been focusing my efforts on The Bridges and Tunnels of Allegheny County and Pittsburgh, PA website. However, there was a request for a font to match the lettering used on very old US Highway shields.

Using a picture from James Lin's Route Markers website and photos from Robert V. Droz's History of the US Highways Shield page, I created this font which allows old style signs to be created entirely in type.

It includes the full alphabet (lower case letters are small caps), the numerals, two styles of US shields, left turn and right turn shields, a variety of arrows, a "U" and an "S" specially created for use above the route number, and most punctuation marks.

If you download the font, please send me a quick e-mail (Yes, this email address is still active, approaching 25 years). I also ask that you show your support by sending $5 US to:

Bruce S. Cridlebaugh
250 Princeton Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15229

Of course, it's possible to download the font without paying for it, but five bucks isn't much...and you won't have to struggle with the ethics.

Also: please don't use this mailing address for any other inquiries or correspondence -- I will ignore it. You'll get much better response if you email.

US Highways Old Style - Regular (shareware font $5 US)

Original photo
US66 Sign created with font
US22 Sign created with font plus Photoshop filters
Character Set sample GIF

Download shareware font:
Mac or PC TrueType [.ttf] updated 05-Dec-2000

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