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Origins of Railroads in Allegheny County

 : Companies
  view page - Baltimore & Ohio RR, "Crossing the Appalcahian Range" [John Moody, 1919]

view page - Bessemer & Lake Erie RR

view page - The Erie Railroad (Jay Gould before the Wabash RR) [John Moody, 1919]

view page - Pennsylvania Railroad, "The Great Pennsylvania System" [John Moody, 1919]

view page - Pittsburgh & Western RR (Baltimore & Ohio RR)

view page - Wabash Pittsburgh Terminal Railway - West Side Belt Railroad (Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railroad)

 : Allegheny County and Pittsburgh
  view page - Standard History of Pittsburg [Wilson 1898]

view page - Pittsburgh, and How To See It [Fleming 1916]

view page - Short History of RR Development in Pittsburgh [Pgh Plan 1923]

view page - Railroads Serving the Pittsburgh District [Pgh Plan 1923]

 : Surrounding Counties
  view page - RR History of Fayette County, PA [Ellis 1882]

view page - RR History of Washington County, PA [Crumrine 1882]

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